Kevin Bacon Wednesday!

Yeah!!! Featuring, your host, this awesome picture of Kevin Bacon:

Guest starring, in no particular order:

Comic Book with bacon characters (via Mr. Toast Store)

"Bacon is like a little hug from God" Print (via Nicodemus Green)

Super cute koala bear named Kevin...although, to be fair, all koala bears are super cute.

This is Kevin Hillstrom. If you Google "Kevin," this guys picture comes up and the caption underneath says "Who is Kevin Hillstrom?" His name is Kevin so he's automatically in, but sadly, I have no idea who Kevin Hillstrom is. Also, if you ask yourself "Who is Kevin Hillstrom?" make sure you do it in a really overdramatic voice, like it's a burning question because for real, it sounds better that way.

And finally

Bacon Mints, also known as "The Grossness." But you know, if you need some grossness you can buy it here


Kathleen Coy said...

I'm doing the Happy Bacon dance right now.
Bacon mints??? That rules!!!

Insanitykim said...

Bacon mints (a little pukage in the mouthage).