Mosaics and Chandeliers

After being all over the internet for a while, I basically disappeared. One reason is that I got married. It's a good excuse...seriously. The other reason is that my husband and I have purchased a run down little dive bar, which we are working our butts off to turn into a lovely neighborhood cafe/bistro/tavern type place. Of course, since I can't seem to keep anything simple, all of my decor ideas have been huge projects. Each project is working out exactly as I planned, but overall the place is still a no pictures yet. BUT, there's mosaic and chandeliers and thrones and deer heads (not real deer heads!) and who knows what else I'll come up with before we're finished.

My mosaic isn't nearly as elaborate as this (holy crap, you guys!):

(This is Susan Gardner's house...That she gets to live in....every day of her life. I totally need a house like this.)

My chandeliers aren't nearly as gorgeous as this one (although I used the exact same kinds of teacups for my wedding so this is now on my list of to-dos):

(Part of a group of recycled chandeliers here)

and my deer head isn't quite as darling as this one:

(via Modern Dose)

...but I still think everything is coming along marvelously. PLUS, we've been trying to buy as much as possible from our local Habitat for Humanity store ~ so we're recycling AND we're contributing to a great cause! I can't wait to show you...

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Insanitykim said...

That one little spot of brick showing on her facade is driving me insane. So insane, in fact, that I colored it in, now I have a red square on my screen...great.

I might be able to get you a REAL deer head, or moose, or mountain goat; being from AK I have connections...

Otherwise I can't wait to see pix and I bet it's all as adorable and wonderful as these examples are.

PS you are considering the set up of your bar area in case there is a zombie invasion, right? You need accessibility to the shot guns.