Hey Lola is where I live online.

I started Hey Lola the jewelry company in 2003, and started the Hey Lola blog in 2009. 

This blog used to be about crafts and DIY stuff and design and pretty things.

My life took a serious wrong turn in early 2015...and then it took a serious right turn. So now I write about tattoos, and pennies, and art, how weird it is to go to church, how I struggle with religious labels, how much I love people, and how much the love of other people transforms me. I write about struggling with anxiety and depression, I write about disappointment, I write about inspiration. I write about falling down and I write about getting back up.

I just write.

And I still make jewelry.

There might be an occasional post about my husband - he's my favorite person.

There are probably going to be more than a few posts about dogs. 

Dogs are the best.

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