How to Create Your Own Vision Board: Part 1

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So I bought a white board about a month (or so) ago with the purpose to create a vision board. Mind you, I have never made a vision board before but it seems to be a fun project, plus the purpose of a vision board is pretty legit. I even have my board theme already: a mantra, “Health, Wealth, Love, & Perfect Self Expression.” Cute, right? So why the heck is it taking me so long to make this freaking board!? Turns out I actually have no idea what I’m doing! So I did my research.

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·         What is a vision board? A vision board is a poster board filled with pictures, quotes, anything really that will inspire you to do better. Most folks use a vision board as a visual map-out of their life goals. The point of the vision board is to ultimately achieve the goals you posted on your board.

·         STEP 1: PLAN

o   Write down your vision – in the words of Erykah Badu, “Write it down on real paper with a real pencil. And watch shit get real.”
o   Believe in your vision – sit down and honestly ask yourself what it is you want and what you CAN do to get there. With that being said,
o   Make specific, attainable goals – Use pictures to portray your specific goals. My goal is to limit my sugar intake. I’ll probably use a picture of a soda pop can with a red X through it on my board as a reminder to cut down my sugar intake by not drinking pop.

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·         STEP 2: Get the Right Materials, for example:

o   A pile of magazines
o   Scissors
o   A stick of glue (or tape.. or rubber cement…. Something sticky)
o   Markers
o   Glitter, stickers, fabric - anything that will make your vision board attention grabbing 

(image source unknown)

·         STEP 3: Create your board, aka the fun part!

o   Use effective images – it’s easy to take a pretty picture. Choose pictures that speak to you. I chose Oprah because to me she represents a woman who came from nothing and turned nothing into everything.
o   Write out captions as reminders of what the pictures mean to you.

·         STEP 4: Place the board where you can see it everyday.

o   Because what’s the point of having a vision board that you can’t see…? (there’s a pun somewhere in there).

OK - So now I have a better idea of how to make my vision board. My goal now is to have my new (gold) board filled the next time you hear from me. This should be interesting. **cues cheering children**

In the meantime, check out popular YouTuber Tyler Oakley’s video where he explains his own vision board! 

Tyler Oakley's overall vision board theme is similar to the board I want to make.

Until I come back with a finished product, check out a couple of vision board inspiration sites that I found while doing my own research. Vision board site # 1 is here and vision board site #2 is here.

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