Hey Lola - open!

We're Open! It's like a Christmas miracle, only it's not Christmas and it's not really a miracle. But otherwise, exactly like a Christmas miracle.

 First things first - our address is 933 Sheridan, right behind Broken Tree Coffee, really close to Blue (of course!). We're open from noon to 5:30, Tuesday through Saturday. If you want to call me and talk on the phone for a while, feel free - I'm at 309-966-3443 (Seriously.  Call me. It's nice to talk to people who aren't telemarketers.)

  I'm Debbie.  I'm going to telemarket your face off, 
5 days a week.

This is my vintage bead collection.  I'm making stuff for you.

Like these bracelets...I made them with my own bare hands. Not to be confused with super scary bear hands like these:

I made these, too. For you.  And your Aunt Gladys.

I didn't make these clothes.  They're vintage. Most of them were made before I was even born, which means they're really, REALLY old. My husband made the clothing racks for me and I covered them in old dictionary pages and Montgomery Ward catalog ladies. 

If you can't make it in to see me yet, click on one of those links up there and you can shop on one of our Etsy stores.

I've been photographing all of my projects, so come back and see me and I'll show you how to do stuff. Or, I'll show you how I did stuff and you can tell me how to do it better. In the meantime, I'm also hanging out on facebook.

You're the best.