We have a booby!!

A portion of the proceeds from Hey Lola go to conservation efforts...the past two months we donated to the World Wildlife Federation and donated enough money that they let us adopt a blue footed booby! It's a symbolic adoption of course, but they did send a picture and a cute stuffed animal blue footed booby. You guys, even though he lives with me...this is OUR booby. (also, I swear I usually don't take the gifts but I just couldn't pass this one up...I LOVE the blue footed booby).

His name is Spaghetti Penguin and he is an AMAZING dancer. He's the best booby ever.

Also, I'm not going to lie...there's a fourth grader inside of me that's getting a real kick out of talking about my booby.

Seriously....super cool birds, check them out:

And thank you SO much for shopping with me and helping out the boobies (My inner fourth grader is laughing so hard right now I'm probably going to throw up). probably noticed that I missed Kevin Bacon Wednesday again...yeah. Probably there's just going to have to be surprise Kevin Bacon Days, otherwise I'll just keep diappointing you. I swear, I'm like the deadbeat dad of the blogging world...let's get ice cream and I SWEAR we'll do Kevin Bacon Day next week, ok kids?

P.S. I'm getting ready to do a giveaway on my other of the prizes is super fantastic and a secret but do you have any suggestions for other stuff?


Unknown said...

The 4th grader in me was getting a big kick out of you repeatedly writing 'booby.'

Insanitykim said...

Boobies are cool. I can't wait to hear more about your booby, and I hope someday you will have a pair of boobies, as every woman should have a pair. If you keeping going like you are, maybe they'll give you bigger boobies! Boobies can never be too big, in my opinion.

Great job!!! :)

The Milkshake said...

AWE what a cute booby :D

Teen Dating - said...

That is so great congrats! You should be proud!