Kevin Bacon Wednesday!!! Er...Sunday!! Yay, it's Kevin Bacon Day!!

So, I did a search for "Kevin Bacon" on Etsy and found this:

And I was all, "huh? What the eff does this have to do with Kevin Bacon?" But the description and the title pretty much explain it ~ It's the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Necklace." The shop owner says, " I shook hands with Jason Statham, Jason Statham was in Snatch with Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt was in Sleepers with Kevin Bacon." So I guess if you wear the necklace, you're within six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Works for me. (I'd get it but I'm totally already within six degrees of Kevin Bacon.)

Then I searched for "Kevin." Did you guys know that there's a Jonas Brother named Kevin? Yeah...that was like 90 pages of Jonas Brothers themed merchandise hell. Guess which Kevin is NOT going to be featured on Kevin Bacon Day? But guess which Kevin is ~ this one!

It's Kevin, the amoeba magnet! He can be found at Chaotic Happy's shop , which might just be the greatest name for a shop ever.

Then, if you're truly obsessed with bacon and just need to surround yourself with the essence of bacon all of the time, hang these all over your house:

Bacon air fresheners! To freshen your house with the really fresh smell of...bacon. Weird. You can find them at Archie McPhee.

And finally...and this might freak some of you out but I really, really love this painting (although it's too freaky for me to even have a print of it hanging in my house...I'd get up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water or something and see it out of the corner of my eye and be all, "AhhhhhhARGGGHAhhhhhhAieeeee!" and trip over my cat and break my leg or my nose or some such nonsense).

It's the "Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X" by Francis Bacon (the painter, not the philosopher). Totally scary movie creepy, but I just can't stop staring at it.


Laura said...

So maybe you have blogged about this and I dont remember. But I watched Oprah eat a sandwich made with it last week and it reminded me of you.

jeweledrabbit said...

Love the amoeba magnet. LOL

Erica Kelly said...

okay so what if someone told you that Kevin Bacon...wasnt... the shit ?

Unknown said...

I'm starting to really feel deprived because I've never celebrated a Kevin Bacon Wednesday in my entire life.

Insanitykim said...

It's like he's a closet WWF wrestler or better yet, cage fighter, and he likes being dropped from the rafters into the ring -- but I totally get what you're saying; it's like those Tool videos. I could never take my eyes off of them, but they just creeped me out to no end. OK off to look at fuzzy kitties and butterflies!

The Kid In The Front Row said...

Are you a bit crazy?