Man, I suck so bad.

For real...I missed Kevin Bacon Wednesday, I haven't posted here in forever, I don't even talk about anything crafty like I said I would...lame, lame, Lamey McLamerson. Anyway, check out this super awesome nerdy print that I bought for my bathroom which James is not happy about (he's not into nerd art - he's stupid like that. Not that it matters...I'm totally filling the bathroom with all science related art -it's amazing):

It's from Tiffany Ard. I already have her nerdy baby ABC's poster...I love it.

Also, I bought some nerdy cat toys for my cat...he's a celebri-cat and therefore not a nerd, but as long as he lives under my roof he'll abide by my rules and my rules say everyone has nerdy accessories:

It's a trilobite. It's from Corinna at The Frog Bag. First, she's awesome because she makes cat toys that will encourage my cat to pursue a career in science, instead of all of the pot smoking and partying with Paris Hilton that he does and second, she's awesome because she sent me my very own real-paper-and-not-online copy of the LA Times article and she didn't even know who I was! I asked and she said yes. If we lived in the same city and we were 70 years old, I bet we'd be like the Golden Girls and I'd totally thank her for being a friend.*

I'm in on the nerd fun, too. I've got these guys for sale in my shop:

I have glasses like this, only without the rhinestones. I love my nerdy glasses.

It's an earwig!!!

I also found this really cool old science bingo game today...I'm going to frame one of the cards and hang it in my bathroom with the rest of my nerdy art. Guess who hates that idea?

Guess who's doing it anyway :)

Hopefully I'll have pictures soon but no promises...this wedding planning stuff is kicking my butt.

*R.I.P. Bea Arthur...Dorothy was always my favorite.


musicjunkie said...

With all the swine flu stuff going around, I was ok without Bacon =0P

Oh, and I think the fact that you used a page from 'A Confederacy of Dunces' for the backdrop to your "for the love of music" necklace is like totally tubular!

Insanitykim said...

My parents have a framed Poster of The Sopranos in the guest bathroom AND above their bed. Do you know how hard it is to pee with mobsters glaring at your backside? And I don't even want to know what's going on in the bedroom!

I did miss my bacon this week, but who doesn't love a double bacon day; I'll starve myself today just to enjoy more tomorrow. *pressure being thrown on in copious amounts, because I like the word copious*

Kathleen Coy said...

Love the nerdy dino print! And that is cool about missing KBW, I was gone on vacation and actually didn't even think about Kevin Bacon ONCE! Well, ok, maybe once when Footloose came on the satellite radio of the rental car (satellite radio is so's ALMOST worth paying for!) but other than that, no.

And BIG congrats about the L.A. Times, that is freakin awesome!!!

Nicole oh-so Lovely said...

the new stuff is so pretty!

Nicole Burron

Erica Kelly said...


2. Dorothy was my fave too!!!!!!!

3. i think we're soulmates.

4. ...just sayin'.