Kevin Bacon Wednesday!

I know, I know...this is rapidly becoming "The Kevin Bacon Show" instead of "The Lola Show." It's just...I get distracted, you know? Anyway, for today's Kevin Bacon Wednesday I present this picture of Kevin Bacon:

And these pictures of my wedding bouquets...which I totally made by myself...which cost me a grand total can't really remember but it was definitely less than $10...which Kevin Bacon would see if he decided to come to my wedding...which he is totally invited to...which is why my wedding bouquets are featured on Kevin Bacon Wednesday:

(I used sheets of music for the paper flowers ~ 50 cents for an entire book at a church thrift store...the dried flowers were 79 cents for a gigantic bag at the Salvation Army...the vintage millinery flowers and pink feathers were also 79 cents for a gigantic bag, also found at the Salvation Army...the pink fabric was left over from some jewelry displays I made...the lace was thrifted and I'm pretty sure it was 10 cents...the pink and green acrylic beads I've had forever...the wire that I used for the mini acrylic bead sprays that are mixed in with the flowers was actually some unused picture wire that I had left over from an art show...there are some mini tissue paper flowers mixed in there, too...I think I paid about $3 for a handful of those at the, you know...less than ten bucks for one bridal bouquet and 8 bridesmaids bouquets)

And finally, this lovely interview by Nicole Burron for her brand new fashion blog. This also belongs in a Kevin Bacon Wednesday post because I'm willing to bet Nicole has seen a Kevin Bacon movie.

Everything always leads back to Kevin Bacon...always.


Erica Kelly said...

whenever i have one of those split-second moments when i'm walking back to my room or in the shower or about to shoot myself in the mouth and ask myself "how IS kevin bacon doing???" i know where to go. :)

Kathleen Coy said...

Super cute flowers! I don't think I can craft to save my life. Congrats on the interview, btw!

I do love me some bacon...

Insanitykim said...

I am a little disappointed that your amazingly thrifty yet beautimous bouquets don't have bacon in them...will you at least make your garter out of bacon?

Nicole oh-so Lovely said...


I'm eyeing another one of your necklaces already!!!!!!!!!

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Those bouquets are absolutely brilliant. Exactly what I would have wanted.

Also, I'm all Footloose prom dancey now.

Dr Zibbs said...

Hi - it's me. Kevin Bacon.


It's just me. Dr Zibbs.