Salt and Pepper Shaker Obsession

I'm having a slight obsession with salt and pepper shakers this week. Probably because I need a salt shaker reallyreallyreally bad. And for some NOT picky as I am about most things...this is the thing I've decided to be picky about. I haven't picked any yet but these are pretty much awesome (Which I can show you now that the internet no longer hates me):

(Saltron and Pepperbot, via Infinite Divide Studio)

(via Bits of Sunshine)

(available here)

And finally...I'm kind of freaking out about these a little bit...I might end up collecting salt and pepper shakers thanks to designer Stefano Giovannoni

(these and other amazing things available at All Modern)

Kevin Bacon Wednesday!

Yeah!!! Featuring, your host, this awesome picture of Kevin Bacon:

Guest starring, in no particular order:

Comic Book with bacon characters (via Mr. Toast Store)

"Bacon is like a little hug from God" Print (via Nicodemus Green)

Super cute koala bear named Kevin...although, to be fair, all koala bears are super cute.

This is Kevin Hillstrom. If you Google "Kevin," this guys picture comes up and the caption underneath says "Who is Kevin Hillstrom?" His name is Kevin so he's automatically in, but sadly, I have no idea who Kevin Hillstrom is. Also, if you ask yourself "Who is Kevin Hillstrom?" make sure you do it in a really overdramatic voice, like it's a burning question because for real, it sounds better that way.

And finally

Bacon Mints, also known as "The Grossness." But you know, if you need some grossness you can buy it here

Cake Toppers and Rings

So, I've had this thought for a super long time that falling in love with someone and having them love you right back probably feels a lot like the velveteen rabbit felt when he got to be a real rabbit. Seriously. It's in my head all of the time. Whenever my heart used to get broken (which was daily...for real...'cause guys are huge jerks...except for James), I would cry my head off because first, broken hearts hurt and second,I was never going to be a "real rabbit." And then I met James and I loved him and he loved me back and now we're finally getting married (5 year engagement. Seriously. Long time) and I totally, finally get to be a real rabbit. And then I saw this amazing cake topper and I'm all swoon-y over it because look:

It's like it was made for me!

And of course I didn't buy it when I should have and now it's all gone but I'm hoping another one will show up soon. If it does ever show up again, it would show up at , who makes the most amazing, bizarro, wonderful ceramic creations ever. And I'm really not a ceramics person, usually.

Also, thinking about these for wedding rings:

(at The Silver Garden)

I love them and James agrees...however, I also love these:

They're little dandelion thingies...and they would match a little bit better with my engagement ring.

(at BcyrJewelry) all of this stuff. Aside from the little stressful bits here and there, planning this wedding totally rocks.

Way to eff up your brand new blog, me. I totally missed the second Kevin Bacon Wednesday. Not my fault really, there was all sorts of work stuff and art stuff and fake marijuana business going on. I'm sure you understand. Anyway, I made a super awesome vampirate outfit this week and I totally shredded my wedding dress and I was going to show you pictures because this is the appropriate forum for sharing artsy-crafty type things but the pictures are buried in the midst of about 5 gazillion other pictures right I'm going to show you other things until the pictures become unburied. Things like cakes that I want for my wedding:

No idea who created this...would LOVE to give them credit. Also....don't think for one minute that I've abandoned the Pac-Man board cupcake idea. I haven't. I'm just exploring some other options. Like the Alice in Wonderland option:

Wedding cake in tea cups! I was talking to one of my friends today about having cheesecake instead of wedding cake and we were trying to figure out a unique presentation and look! Here it is! I've never made cheesecake but I'm guessing you could make it in a teacup...right? Or I could make cupcakes and just shove them in a teacup:

I've never made cupcakes, either. The whole wedding cake thing is going to be an adventure because I'm bound and determined to do as much as possible by myself...and "by myself" I mean, with the help of everyone I love and that hopefully loves me back when I turn into bridezilla beacuse you know that's totally going to happen at some point.


I'm making happiness jewelry. It's all plastic and bright and ridiculous and I'm not sure if anyone is going to be into it but I'm totally into it. I don't have pictures...I think my camera is hiding in the refrigerator or something. However, I did a search for happiness on Etsy and this is really freaking cool:

If I don't buy it first, you can buy it here, at Dazey Chic's Shop

Kevin Bacon Wednesday

Apparently successful crafty type blogs are supposed to have themes and how-to's and regular postings and blue plate specials'm not really sure what else. I don't actually have a successful crafty type blog...yet. When I do, it will live here. And every Wednesday I will highlight things having to do with Kevin Bacon, guys named Kevin, bacon, and/or things that are 6 degrees or less from Kevin Bacon...because it's Kevin Bacon Wednesday.

Kevin Bacon

T-Rex dreaming of bacon card from MeganLeeDesigns

Kevin Federline (first Kevin that comes up when you google "Kevin.")

Super awesome breakfast soap (featuring bacon) from Dirty Ass Soaps

This concludes today's chapter of Kevin Bacon Wednesday. Also, if you came here from my other blog and you're wondering why on earth I would need a second's because a.)crafty stuff doesn't really fit on the other blog and b.) I don't think Oprah Winfrey is ever going to let me on her show so I'm starting my own...sort of.