Cake Toppers and Rings

So, I've had this thought for a super long time that falling in love with someone and having them love you right back probably feels a lot like the velveteen rabbit felt when he got to be a real rabbit. Seriously. It's in my head all of the time. Whenever my heart used to get broken (which was daily...for real...'cause guys are huge jerks...except for James), I would cry my head off because first, broken hearts hurt and second,I was never going to be a "real rabbit." And then I met James and I loved him and he loved me back and now we're finally getting married (5 year engagement. Seriously. Long time) and I totally, finally get to be a real rabbit. And then I saw this amazing cake topper and I'm all swoon-y over it because look:

It's like it was made for me!

And of course I didn't buy it when I should have and now it's all gone but I'm hoping another one will show up soon. If it does ever show up again, it would show up at , who makes the most amazing, bizarro, wonderful ceramic creations ever. And I'm really not a ceramics person, usually.

Also, thinking about these for wedding rings:

(at The Silver Garden)

I love them and James agrees...however, I also love these:

They're little dandelion thingies...and they would match a little bit better with my engagement ring.

(at BcyrJewelry) all of this stuff. Aside from the little stressful bits here and there, planning this wedding totally rocks.


Insanity Kim said...

Sheesh, I was gonna make a joke that Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd would be a better pick, but then you got all serious on me...vacillating like this is hard for me. Are you gonna have a red velvet cake now???

The rings are beautiful.

I too was basically engaged for 5 years, but getting married at 17 wasn't an idea my parents could bear so...we waiting as long as we could. I too found the perfect cake top almost immediately...but it was shamelessly early 90's style, like a Ty Wilson...

Kathleen Coy said...

HA! Interspecies wedding topper.

LOVE the rings, the second ones are my favorite! :-)

Laura said...

I love both sets of ring but I think I may love the second a bit more. That cake topper is great! I hope you can get one just like it.