Way to eff up your brand new blog, me. I totally missed the second Kevin Bacon Wednesday. Not my fault really, there was all sorts of work stuff and art stuff and fake marijuana business going on. I'm sure you understand. Anyway, I made a super awesome vampirate outfit this week and I totally shredded my wedding dress and I was going to show you pictures because this is the appropriate forum for sharing artsy-crafty type things but the pictures are buried in the midst of about 5 gazillion other pictures right I'm going to show you other things until the pictures become unburied. Things like cakes that I want for my wedding:

No idea who created this...would LOVE to give them credit. Also....don't think for one minute that I've abandoned the Pac-Man board cupcake idea. I haven't. I'm just exploring some other options. Like the Alice in Wonderland option:

Wedding cake in tea cups! I was talking to one of my friends today about having cheesecake instead of wedding cake and we were trying to figure out a unique presentation and look! Here it is! I've never made cheesecake but I'm guessing you could make it in a teacup...right? Or I could make cupcakes and just shove them in a teacup:

I've never made cupcakes, either. The whole wedding cake thing is going to be an adventure because I'm bound and determined to do as much as possible by myself...and "by myself" I mean, with the help of everyone I love and that hopefully loves me back when I turn into bridezilla beacuse you know that's totally going to happen at some point.


Nude said...

Charm City Cakes... wait... OMG... you don't know about them, do you?!?

Even better, they have a (wait for it)... REALITY SHOW! Google "Ace of Cakes"

nvm... links:

Kathleen Coy said...

Yeah, Ace of Cakes rules.
I really want a cupcake now.
I'm glad you missed the second KBW, because that means I only missed one so far. Now I don't feel so bad...

Insanitykim said...

a blog called, Be Different Act Normal (psh) has some GREAT cake ideas, and I think even a pacman one somewhere...I am too tired to look for it tho, or post a link...

And of course check Cake Wrecks...there are some seriously awesome inspirations there.

Can't wait to see the dress/outfits.

Don't skimp on the bacon next week, ok?

Andrea said...

I think you should go with the Ms Pacman cupcake idea for your shower and the tea cup cakes for your wedding.
--just two cents from a stranger

Laura said...

I love the tea cup cakes they are perfect you can get vintage cups for super cheap at thrift stores and yard sales.