Patreon Update

A little over a month ago, I mentioned that I had signed up for something called "Patreon," which is a site that allows people to sponsor artists through small monthly donations. I'm so grateful for the people that have chosen to sponsor me so far! I wanted to let you all know what your first month of sponsorship contributed to.

Recently the Peoria bus system eliminated the transfer option from a bus ticket, which, if you're not able to purchase a daily or monthly ticket, can make traveling through the city much more expensive, difficult and in some cases, impossible. My friend Eugene (I've written about him a few times) doesn't have a lot of the advantages that many people have, and the city bus is his only reliable transportation. Your support of me through Patreon makes it possible for Eugene to have a monthly bus pass!

I'm currently dealing with pre-cancerous skin things, some of which are potentially skin cancer. I also struggle with depression. And my vitamin D is really low...which contributes to depression. Vitamin D comes from the sun, which I have to stay out of, because skin cancer. Such a mess. Anyway, your support of me through Patreon allowed me to purchase some mega doses of vitamin D so I can actually get out of bed and paint and walk with Eugene as he navigates some of the hurdles in his life.

And finally, I was able to purchase 6 canvases, some paint, some new brushes, some water bottles, and a palette.

Right now I'm working on a ridiculous portrait of one of my ridiculous dogs, which I hope to have finished in time for our local Humane Society fundraiser on February 23rd (You should come, because they save all of the animals all of the time, and also, dogs...)

I'm also having my first art show of 2016 on April 1st (First Friday) at Ear in the Envelope, so I'm working on new pieces for that, as well.

I'm able to do this because you guys support me in so many ways. I am forever grateful and absolutely love you for everything you do!

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