Salt and Pepper Shaker Obsession

I'm having a slight obsession with salt and pepper shakers this week. Probably because I need a salt shaker reallyreallyreally bad. And for some NOT picky as I am about most things...this is the thing I've decided to be picky about. I haven't picked any yet but these are pretty much awesome (Which I can show you now that the internet no longer hates me):

(Saltron and Pepperbot, via Infinite Divide Studio)

(via Bits of Sunshine)

(available here)

And finally...I'm kind of freaking out about these a little bit...I might end up collecting salt and pepper shakers thanks to designer Stefano Giovannoni

(these and other amazing things available at All Modern)


Robyn Wright of Robyn's Online World said...

Fabulous finds! There really are some cute S&P sets out there

Kathleen Coy said...

You're going to end up as one of those old ladies who has like, 3000 salt and pepper shakers. And after seeing these, I totally understand...

musicjunkie said...

We're are so on the same page as far as salt and pepper shakers. My honey and I have been in our house since last October and I have yet to find the perfect set to go in our kitchen.

Laura said...

I have a lot of salt and pepper shakers. I had to make a rule or I would end up with thousands. My rule is I only buy vintage shakers. They have to be people, and they have to be under 3 inch's tall. Would you believe even with those guidelines I could still find new ones every day. They you come along with all those cute shakers so now maybe I need to collect a few different types of shakers.

Anonymous said...

First of all, you didn't praise me for making sure you got your cake topper.

Second of all, knowing your penchant for everything in the world holding hands, i think the hugging shakers are the only logical choice.


(ummm apparently i lack identity.)

Plus....oh wait, at first i thought they were penguins. Which makes them must haves. But then, you know...they're not. They're ghosts. Kind of as cool as penguins.


(ummmm apparently i lack identity.)