80's Party

In addition to Hey Lola, my husband and I also own a small tavern and in this small tavern, I throw the occasional theme party.

I love a theme party more than cake, and I love cake a whole lot.

We recently had an 80's themed party which was surprisingly more difficult to decorate than I had thought it would be.  Eventually, we pulled it together with cassette tape streamers, Pop Rocks and Fun Dip, neon animal print bandannas and hats, jelly bracelets, Rubik's Cubes, vinyl records hanging everywhere and the best decoration ever - Pac-Man Garland.  Here's how I made the garland:

Supplies needed:
Cardstock (different colors)
Hot glue
Black Marker
Circle punch or template

Cut yellow circles out of construction paper or cardstock.  I used the roll of ribbon to trace my circles - the size was perfect.

Perfect circles!

I'm an equal opportunity crafter, so Miss Pac-Man was invited.

I used the same roll of ribbon to trace the top of the ghosts and then cut the bottom freehand.  I also cut small white ovals for their eyeballs, filling them in with black marker.

This paper punch cut out the perfect size for Pac-Man Pellets.

I used blue string and attached everything with a glue gun.  Everything is double sided, so basically glue the back side of one piece, put the string in the middle and glue an identical piece to the other side.

We strung it all over our tavern and when the party was over, we decided to leave it up.  People comment on it all of the time.

If you have any questions about how I made this or if you made it and are willing to share, let me know in the comments!

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