Self Promotion Saturday (Something Blue)

Everyone around me smells like sunscreen, so I'm feeling inspired by ocean things this week:

1.) Swim with whale sharks! Apparently you can swim or scuba dive with whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium.  Because my husband and I have a gazillion dogs and an equal amount of businesses, we can pretty much only take a 2 or 3 day vacation and this is exactly what we want to do.  So we're spending the remainder of the summer getting certified for open water diving, and in December we're going to swim with whale sharks.  Also, YOU CAN SWIM WITH WHALE SHARKS.


2.) After you're scuba certified and you've gone swimming with whale sharks, you should probably dive somewhere that has one of these amazing underwater sculptures by Jason DeCaires Taylor. (I wrote about these before here)

When you're done exploring the bottom of the ocean, you're probably going to be starving and you're going to want to go out to eat.  You should wear this headband:

(via my Etsy shop. If you like this, but want something slightly different, let me know. I make stuff all day, every day)

Also, this dress would look stunning on you:

(Vintage! via SloppyJos)

And these are delicate and lovely:

(Via ShopSomethingBlue.  Handmade, and she does custom orders!)

And finally, a gigantic recycled, eco friendly, seahorse necklace for people who like a big, bold, statement piece:

(via Me again!)

Next week I'm looking for mossy, forest, woodland creature inspired things.  If you have something that you think would fit, let me know by linking in the comments - I'd love to feature you! 

Have a great week!

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