It's Kevin Bacon Wednesday!!!

You know you missed it...

Bacon scented soy candle (I'm not sure about this...would it smell delicious like a delicious greasy spoon....or would it smell like that greasy spoon that nobody ever goes to ~ the one where your Aunt Helen's best friend's husband ordered fries there one time and there was a dead rat in the basket? Either way, I know just who's getting one for Christmas this year):

(via Redneck Candles)

"Roses For Kevin Cycle Cap":

(via All One Word)

Bacon and Eggs crocheted jellyfish!

(I can't crochet and I can't knit but seeing Needle Noodles Shop makes me want to learn...really bad.)

Also....I have a real, honest to goodness website now! You can find it here. It's a bit more professional looking....I hope. I think. I'm crossing my fingers, anyway. (feel free to link to it to your heart's content.)

P.S. You look really nice today :)

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Insanitykim said...

strangely I like the bacon and eggs crocheted jellyfish...absolutely none of those words go together...oh and these old work out clothes? pshshaw...if I yank up the waist you can't see my fat roll...