Sheet Music Paper Sculpture

I have a vintage paper obsession.  I've been collecting vintage paper (old books, wrapping paper, sheet music, etc.) for years and when my closet started to resemble a very special edition of "Hoarders," I decided I had to come up with projects or get rid of all of it.

First project - Sheet Music Paper Sculpture

I saw something similar to this on Pinterest, but with construction paper instead of sheet music. 

Materials needed:
Sheet music, cut into strips
Yarn, ribbon, twine or something similar
Glue gun
Weight for the bottom of the sculpture (I used an acrylic crystal)

Use a glue gun to attach the ends of the strips together to form teardrop shapes

You can also form circles and figure 8s.

Make a loop on one end of your string and hang it from something high enough that allows you to work.  The length should be however long you want your sculpture to be.  Tie your weight onto the bottom of the string.

. Put hot glue on one of your shapes and press it against another one of your shapes, keeping the string in the middle of both shapes and in the middle of the glue. Add circles, figure 8s and teardrops down the string and to paper that has already been glued to the string until you come up with something like this:

I embellished this sculpture with paper butterflies...

...and deer moss with vintage millinery flowers...

...and hung it in the window to brighten my day...

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