Super simple pretty packaging

We like pretty packaging at Hey Lola, but we also like to keep our packaging pretty simple. Here's our simple solution to making a gift box just a bit prettier...a bit "giftier." 

Items needed:
Silk (or fabric) Hydrangeas
Satin Ribbon
Needle Nosed Pliers or Tweezers
Gift Boxes or Pillow Boxes

Pull your hydrangeas off of the plastic stem, leaving just the flower petals with the hole in the middle

Cut a length of ribbon long enough to wrap around your gift or pillow box and tie in a bow

Use your pliers or tweezers to push both ends of the ribbon through the center of the flower

You should have a large loop, with the ends of the ribbon coming through the front of the flower.

Pull your loop over your gift box...

Tie it in a bow and place a pretty gift card under the ribbon...

This makes great packaging for wedding favors, too!



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