Five Dollar Friday - Winter Coat!

I haven't had a new winter coat in years. I hate puffy coats, I hate leather, wool gets covered in dog hair...there isn't a coat that ever seems to work for me. My previous winter coat gave out a few years ago, so I've just been layering sweaters in the winter.

Right. I live in the midwest. I'm layering sweaters instead of buying a winter coat. It makes zero sense. This year, as part of the "Five Dollar Friday" project, I decided to suck it up and buy a winter coat.

I really didn't think I would find one for under five bucks... but I did - and I love it!

It's wool, so I'm staying far away from my dogs as soon as I put it on. There's also the dry cleaning cost, but dry cleaning once a year isn't the end of the world. Also, did you see that it was $4.80? Because it was. And it's really pretty!
I splurged and bought this Betsey Johnson scarf and mittens because 1.) I need a scarf and mittens and 2.) I love the coat (mostly the emerald color), but by itself, it's a little too formal for my personality. The scarf makes the whole set awesome.

You can find the scarf at Macys for $48.00. 

I didn't spend $48.00 for the scarf. It's definitely worth $48.00, but my budget is super small. I found the scarf at an outlet store for $19.99, and the fingerless gloves were $12.99.

Apparently I make weird and angry faces when I try to pose... my husband tells me awful jokes until I laugh.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to the other slide...
Get it?

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