Five Dollar Friday

I don't have kids, but I do have dogs. Lots of dogs. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that nearly every outfit, pair of shoes, cute hair thingy, whatever, is going to, at some point, get chewed on, slobbered on, slept on, hidden and/or get coated in dog hair that will never ever come off, no matter how hard I try.

So it's probably understandable that I'm a bit reluctant to spend too much money on clothes. After all, we're probably not going to be together for that long anyway.

But jeans and an old t-shirt doesn't really scream "I'm totally a professional, you guys" so much as it says "I'm really tired and didn't even realize there was spaghetti sauce on my boob."

So - Five Dollar Fridays. Where I take $5.00 pieces of clothing and/or accessories and try to make myself look like someone who doesn't regularly have dog slobber in her hair and spaghetti sauce on her boob.

This is a three piece, 1960's cotton blend, pencil skirt/top/jacket set. Five bucks at a local thrift store. (jacket not pictured)

I wore this to work on Saturday night. The shirt buttons up the back, so I needed a little help putting it on. The skirt zips up the back. I accomplished that part all by myself. True story.

This is the part at work where I'm supposed to be washing dishes but instead I hid myself in this closet instead. And got busted.

This is my "model face." Basically, I look at things that aren't there and I think about ice cream. I made the necklace I'm wearing. The pendant is made from a spoon that has an art deco theme. My husband cut it for me with some fancy tool that he hides out in "husband land" and I drilled a hole through it and hung it on a chain. The spoon cost a quarter.

"Do you guys think they have that Paris Hilton song in here?"

After I finished blowing off washing the dishes, I rewarded myself with a Black Russian with a cherry on top, for a shift well done. The glass is vintage, 1960's, and we bought a set of 8 for $2.00 for the bar.

Jessica's Modified Black Russian Recipe

1.5 oz Kahlua
.5 oz Vodka
A splash of cola
A cherry
Maybe another cherry
Put it in a cool glass and act all fancy

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