Throwback Thursday - Kathy Ireland

A few years back I attended a wedding industry convention where Kathy Ireland was the featured speaker. At that point, the only thing I associated Kathy Ireland with was being a former Sports Illustrated swimwear model. After she spoke, Kathy Ireland was my new role model.

She spoke of starting what is now a business empire with a line of socks. She talked about sleeping in airports and of successes and failures and moments that seemed like they were crushing, and about climbing back up and starting over again.  She was genuine, engaging, receptive to the audience and someone who I gained a massive amount of respect for very quickly. Today, "Kathy Ireland Worldwide" averages two billion dollars in annual sales, even outselling many other famous brands with more name recognition, such as Martha Stewart. Her company markets more than 15,000 products, including furniture, children's items, home accents and jewelry.  In 2012, Forbes featured her on the cover with the title of "Supermodel Supermogul." Global License Magazine lists Kathy Ireland Worldwide the 28th most powerful global brand out of 150, outranking well known brand names such as Hershey, Coca-Cola, Caterpillar and Harley- Davidson.

In addition to her business sense, Kathy Ireland is also devoted to her philanthropic efforts, stating "Getting involved and giving back doesn’t have to take a lot of time. There is always something you can do."

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Today's Throwback Thursday takes a look back at Kathy Ireland, the supermodel, before she became Kathy Ireland - the Super Mogul (and one of my favorite role models!)

 Teen Magazine (now defunct)

Danskin ad,1987

One of many Sports Illustrated covers

Kathy Ireland today - Super Mogul

"I'm a curious person. I like to ask questions. Well, why? People would say, it's never been done. It's never been done does not mean that it can't be done." - Kathy Ireland

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